Record a new song
Marley, Bob
(can extreta de les Mother B. Tapes, enregistraments privats fets per Bob a la seua cambra a ca sa mare a Vista Lane a Miami, entre Octubre 1977 i la primeria de 1980.)

every night you record a new song
and you sing about your love and your hate
you try to make a break of a new dawn...

if you gonna live by the gun now
surely gonna die by the gun...
have no respect for anyone,
well, it seems like unoo have no manners
to no one
look how unoo a gwan...
you should listen to your vision

if Rasta no build the house
workman work in vain
no matter what you hear them say
come again

Rastafari is our leader
on the bright and morning star
dont you know Im right
dont you know Im right
dont you know Im right