I´m hurting inside (alternative mix)
Marley, Bob
Versió alternativa de tardor de 1971 pareguda a Songs of Freedom. També se´n diu Happiness

O-oh, wo-o!
When I was just a little child (little child),
Happiness was there awhile (there awhile).
Then from me, yeah, it slipped one day, yeah!
Happiness, come back, I say.
´Cause if you don´t come, I´ve got to go lookin´
For happiness.
Well, if you don´t come, I´ve got to go lookin´,
Lord, for happiness - happiness.

Said that - said, I´m-a hurtin´ (inside). And it´s ...
I´m hurtin´ - I´m hurtin´ deep inside. O God, now.
Oh, hear my cry, hear my cry:
Yeah, my, my, my, my, my, my, my cry.

Been together like school children (school children),
Then you hurt me just in vain (just in vain).
O Lord, I´m your weary child (child);
Oh, happiness, come back awhile.
´Cause if you don´t come, I´m gonna go lookin´
For happiness. The road is dangerous!
(If you don´t come) I´ve got to go lookin´
For happiness - ´appiness.
Said, I´m - don´t you know I´m hurtin´ - hurtin´ inside;
Oh, I´m hurtin´ - ooh yeah, ooh yeah.

That´s the one who loves!
O-ooh, feel the pain, feel the pain!
That´s the one who loves;
Feel the pain! Feel the pain!
Been together, been together