Nobody´s Got The Gun
Knopfler, Mark
Nobody´s Got The Gun

Nobody´s got the gun
Nobody´s trying to get the drop on anyone
Nobody´s standing out on main street
With the sun blazing down
Saying "There´s only room for one of us in this here town"
Nobody´s got the be the number one
Nobody´s got the gun

She may not understand
And she may want you eating from her hand
If she´s got you in a corner
And you can smell the smoke and flame
You reach for your revolver
To do the same
You´ll blow your love away forever, number one
Nobody´s got the gun

You may think love is hard enough
You may never get to rehearse
And you can do without this stuff
Making everything worse

She´s just the same as you
She needs your love just like you want her to
You can´t go playing poker
With a pistol in your sleeve
You can´t make somebody love you
By threatening to leave
If you want a love forever, number one
Nobody´s got the gun