Hobo's Lullaby
Popular Americana
Go to sleep you weary [Sol]hobo
[La]Let the towns drift slowly by[Re]
Canīt you [Re7]hear the steel rail [Sol]humming
[La]Thatīs a hoboīs lulla[Re]by

Do not think about tomorrow
Let tomorrow come and go
Tonight youīre in a nice warm boxcar
Safe from all the wind and snow

I know the police cause you trouble
They cause trouble everywhere
But when you die and go to heaven
You wonīt find no policemen there

I know your clothes are torn and ragged
And your hair is turning grey
Lift your head and smile at trouble
Youīll find happiness some day

So go to sleep you weary hobo
Let the towns drift slowly by
Donīt you feel the steel rail humming
Thatīs a hoboīs lullaby