Lletra / Lyrics: Interludi - At-versaris
-Its Israel thats invading Lebanon.
Its Israel thats attacking Lebanon.
Not Lebanon thats attacking Israel.
-It acchieved that in 2000...
-No, it didnt.
-This is a set by ...
-No, it didnt.
-It didnt. This is a keypoint that your concealing from your viewers.
Oh, please have a slightly longer memory than four weeks.
Im talking about the thousands of prisoners taken during the eighteen years of israeli occupation.
-Iran has given Hezbollah long range missiles. Can you blame Israel .. to destroy these missiles
-America has given Israel missiles that can target not just every city in Lebanon, but every city in the arabian muslim world,
including Iran, but Iran is not allowed to give missiles ...
-Because its given to a terrorist organisation.
-But we are not a terrorist organisation. One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter.
In most peoples eyes Israel is a terrorist state.
Its the fact, and you can not comprehend that fact.
This [...] of this conflict are not four weeks or four years. Or fourteen years. But decades old. Not just ...
Hezbollah is winning the war.
Hezbolla is more popular to ...
-That was not muy question.
-Its Israel whos lost the war. And Bush and Blair for politically organizing the war. Whove lost.
Everybody but you can see it.
-Some people like ... find the defensive when move families on morning that you, to he..
-You dont even know about the palestinian families.
You dont even know that they exist.
Tell me the name of one member of the seven members of the same family slotted on the beach in Gaza.
You dont even know their name.
Because you believe that israeli blood is more valuable than the blood of lebanese or palestinians.