Lletra / Lyrics: Lemon tree - Fool's Garden
Lemon tree
Fool's Garden
Mi m Re
I am sitting here in a boring room
Mi m Re
it is just another rain is in the afternoon
Mi m Re
I am waisiting my time, I´ve got nothing to do
Mi m Re
I am hanging arround, I am waiting for you,
Mi m Re
But nothing ever happens...
and I wonder.

Mi m Re
I am driving arround, in my car,
Mi m Re
I am driving too fast I am driving too far
Mi m Re
I´d like to change my point of view
Mi m Re
I feel so lonely, I´m waiting for you
Mi m Re
But nothing ever hapens...
And I wonder.


I wonder how
I wonder why
Mi m Sol
Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky
Mi m La Re
And all that I can see it is just a lemon tree

Sol Re
I´m turning my head, up and down
Mi m
And turning, turning, turning, turning, turning
Mi m La Re
And all that I can see it is just another lemon tree

Sing...dap darararara di dap da dararadaradirapda ... dap di du da.

I´m sitting here I miss the park

I´d like to go aut, taking a shower

But there is a heavy cloud in side my head

I feet so tired but my self in to bed,

Wail nothing ever happens...

And I wonder

(els matexos acords)

Insolation, it´s not good for me.

Insolation, I don´t want to sit on the lemon tree

I slept arround in a desert of joy

May be anyhow another toy, and everything will happen