Lletra / Lyrics: the four horsemen - Metallica
the four horsemen
by the last breath of the fourth winds blow
better raise your ears
the sound of hooves knock at your door
lock up your wife and children now
it´s time to wield the blade
for now you have got some company
the horsemen are drawing nearer
on the leather steeds they ride
they have come it take your life
on throught the dead of night
with the four horsemen ride
or choose your fate and die
you have been dying since the day
you were born
you know it has all been planned
the quartet of delivarence rides
a sinner once a sinned twice
no need for confessions now
cause now you have got the fight of your life
the horsemen...
has taken its toll on you
the lines that crack your face
your body it has torn through
withered in every place
for what you have had to endure
and what you have put others through
deliverance for you for sure
there is nothing you can do
so gather round young warriors now
and saddle up your steeds
killing scores with demon swords
now is the death of doers of wrong
swing the judgement hammer down
safely inside aramor blood gutis and sweat
the horsemen...