Lletra / Lyrics: Family man - Oldfield, Mike
Family man
Oldfield, Mike
She had a sulky smile
She took a standard pose as she presented herself
She had sultry eyes she made it perfectly clear that
She was his for a price
But he said leave me alone I'm a family man
And my bark is much worse than my bite
He said leave me alone I'm a family man
If you push me too hard I just might

She wore hurt surprise
As she re-checked her makeup to protect herself
She showed less than pride
She made it totally clear that she was his for a price

She gave him her look
That would have worked on any other man in sight
He could not mistake
She wanted to go back with him and spend the night

She turned, tossed her head and then
She started to make her final exit line
She showed real disdain as if explaining again
She could be his for a price