Lletra / Lyrics: Soul Of A Vagabond - stratovarius
Soul Of A Vagabond
Pack on my back I wander
Over mountains across the seas
My yearning soul keeps roaming
In the endless search for peace

sky is my roof, my shelter
Stars shine and light my way
Earth is my bed, my altar
On this road that leads to nowhere

In silence I scream but no one listens to me
Absolution, salvation, my sins won´t leave me be
The first cry, the last breath
We are born to die
This madness neverending
Don´t know the reason why
Soul of a vagabond
Illusion, delusion, we are born to live
Temptation, damnation, starvation, deformation

The road goes on forever
It´s an old and trustworthy friend
I have tasted its dust and treasures
By my twisted mind won´t mend

My burden is heavy to carry
My destiny lies ahead
My spirit is always leaving
For this road that leads to nowhere...